Tweak Plans

There are now just two Tweak plans:

Free - with some limitations - available to everyone

Paid - the full tweak service including hosting of all saved themes and uploaded images for 2 years.

Any theme purchase now includes the full paid Tweak service and you can also pay for Tweak without buying a theme. 

Tweak gives you more control over how your Online Store looks. You can easily "tweak" the look of any e-shop designer theme you have saved. You can also upload your own images for the buttons on your shop and a few other images used themes. All resources used (e.g. images) by your themes and tweaks are hosted in a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to provide fast reliable access worldwide.

Buy 2 years full Tweak service from your profile page. for £10, €14 or $16.

Tweak Plan details

Paid Tweak give you full access to the Tweak service including a personal Content Delivery Network (CDN) for hosting all the resources used by all your saved themes, and images you upload.

All paid Tweak plans include:

  • CDN hosting for fast, reliable global access to theme images and your own uploaded images.
  • Easily apply tweaks" to any of your saved themes.
  • Up to 50 different Tweaks (e.g. for different versions, themes or Online Stores).
  • A White label (brandable) read-only "mockup" page for clients to review and try the shop designs.
  • Download your CDN content for hosting on your own server if required.