From September 2017, new users will only be able to install the Decorator App.

Existing users of the original services will continue to be supported until 2020 when the old services will close.

Tweak Service

Tweak your Online Store to look the way you want it

Use the Tweak feature to interactively change many aspects of your shop appearance. Start from one of the default Online Store styles, or an e-shop designer theme you have saved, then tweak it till it looks how you want.

Your Online Store provides a lot of customisation options for changing the look of your shop, but doing this requires a good knowledge of website coding, especially CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The Tweak Service takes care of the code for you as you interactvely point and click around a view of your shop to change its appearance. Even web design experts will find Tweak can speed up their work without restricting them in any way.

**All paid themes now include 2 years paid Tweak usage and CDN hosting**

Key Features

  • Interactively change your shop appearance
  • Work on your own shop (or an Online Store demo shop) independently of your live shop.
  • Change or translate text strings
  • Paid Tweak includes CDN hosting for your images for 2 years (now on Amazon Cloudfront) - no more hassle copying images to your server.
  • Easily make "tweaks" to any of your saved themes (paid Tweak only)
  • Upload your own button images (paid plans only)
  • Easily use custom fonts
  • Facebook mode - shows how your shop will look in Facebook
  • Upload site frame images for a realistic mock-up of your shop page - great for design agencies
  • Manage many "tweaks" for different ideas, shops and clients


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Take a look at the Quick Start guide and Using the Interface. More help is available and coming soon here

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