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Easily create a Theme for your Online Store.

Select a theme from 7 styles, preview your choice of colours to match your site, save the CSS for the theme. Over 400,000 theme variations available.

All themes include world class CDN hosting. When you buy a theme, you have one month to save up to 10 theme variations.

All theme styles have at leat one colour variation for free. There are over 500 free theme variations to try.

The "try unlocked" button unlocks the free restrictions for you to preview before making any payment.


Refine your theme using Tweak.

Tweak is a powerful way to make changes to your Online Store theme regardless of who provided the theme.

Change colours, fonts, buttons, default text, and much more.

Online Store themes can be customised using CSS, but working with CSS is complex unless you are an experienced Web designer. The Tweak service makes tweaking your theme a lot easier by providing an in-context editor to interactively tweak your Online Store style.

The full Tweak service is free for 2 years with any Theme purchase.

A slightly limited Tweak service is available for free to all users.


bespoke-icon-60.png development

Don't want to DIY? Get help with custom styling, data import and anything else you need.
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tabber-icon-60.png Try the Tabber App

Add tabs to product descriptions with the latest app from e-shop designer

  • Easily add tabs using simple shortcodes

  • Several customisable tab themes

  • Use optional icons from Font Awesome

Try Tabber now with a 14 day free trial.


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How it works

e-shop designer creates the CSS and images needed for your theme and colour choices.

  1. Create and Preview your design.
  2. Login (if you haven't already) to save your design
  3. use our Theme Designer App, or paste the CSS into a Custom CSS Theme in your Online Store Control Panel.
All images used by your saved themes are hosted in a world class CDN (Content Delivery Network) for speed and reliability. 

Theme Designer App

The Theme Designer App integrates e-shop designer into your Online Store Control Panel, so it is even easier to manage themes for your store.

e-shop designer themes can be automatically applied to your store without having to cut and paste CSS into a Custom CSS Theme.

Note. You need a paid Online Store account in order to access the API (Application Programming Interface) needed by the Theme Designer App.

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